Grew up in Evanston and Cary (suburbs). Preferred Evanston, but did enjoy the woodlands & fields still to be found on suburbia’s edge. Formative experiences as a youth included music, horseback riding, and yearly trips to the Boundary Waters Canoe area (the Outdoors!!!). Always liked to draw, paint etc, but a negative experience with a notably awful 8th grade art teacher pretty much made me ignore such Art Instruction as would have been available in high school. Nor was ART a thought to be a viable Profession for a young man in my family. Back then I wanted to be a Veterinarian. Couldn't wait to get to college. Enjoyed Life too much to maintain the GPA required for Vet School. During my sophomore year Genentech had their IPO and I discovered that if I went to graduate school in Biochemistry, I would get a stipend (Pay ME to go to school in such a cool Field?? Sign me Up!). Incidentally, I also enjoyed the discovery inherent to Biomedical Research.

So Graduate School. Met some very cool people. Went Backpacking most summers, and made slow and steady progress towards my Ph.D. Did some drawing as time and inclination allowed. Started taking photographs in the mid 80s. At the end of 1989 I got my degree, got married, and left for San Francisco. My wife and I settled in the East Bay, and I indulged in my last major period of drawing in between hunting up a real job. Spent 17 years working in Biotech at various places on the Peninsula (for those who care about such things there are traces of that period available from PubMed / US patent office). Traveled a lot though the 90s (France, Costa Rica, Patagonia, Brazil, Japan- sometimes associated with conferences, sometimes just to see the place), taking more pictures as I went along. Favorite places to visit were museums and ruins.

Eventually I bought Photoshop 3.0 (Windows, it came as 12-plus 3.5" floppy dics!!). Knew immediately that this was the means to further realize my artistic impulses but was limited both by the computer hardware of that period and by film-based cameras. Still I taught myself some and bided my time. Left the Suburbs for the real city (thank God!) in 1998. Spent 5 years fixing the house we could afford. Became a father. Then in 2003/2004 acquisition of a Canon G3 & ditching Mr. Bills operating system (got a G5) combined to re-ignite my creative energies. Suddenly the tools were congruent with the vision! The first work of the current period (At Play on the Far Lawns) is visible on flickr. Went public (e.g. on flickr) in 2008.

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