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The Basics

Essentially, this site serves as "half-way" house between the entire collection of Art & Photos I have posted on-line (e.g. My Flickr site) and the "Shameless Commerce Division" where you can buy prints (a.k.a. My Fine Art America site. To assist in the browsing, Art or Photos of a vaguely similar nature are grouped together. Thus if you click on Artwork (at left) and then Topology, you are brought to a collection of the Mandalas I have created. Similarly if you click on Photography and then In the Desert you come to photographs of desert landscapes. In each "category" the art / photos are presented to you in groups of four or eight. So click on Undergrowth and you get to

Undergrowth Page 1

You can now click on whatever thumbnail catches your eye and be brought to a larger view of the artwork with its title (which will also appear if you hover with your mouse long enough) and other relevant (or not) information about it. If none, of the images on the first page catch your eye you can click on either of the arrows visible below the thumbnails and be brought to the next page of images (a lack of arrows means that's it). If you decide you are in the "wrong neighborhood" you can use the navigation panel at left to look at a different categories of Artwork. If you want to switch to looking at Photographs, click on Photography and you are brought to the top level menu for the Photograph section.

But assuming you found an Artwork that was pleasing to you and clicked on it you will arrive on a page something like this.

April 19th 2010: No 2

Along with the larger view of the artwork in question you are presented with its Title, date of completion (approximate) and whatever other information seems relevant (to me at least). You can also proceed to the next / previous artwork by clicking on the right or left arrow buttons. If you wish to go back to the thumbnail page you can click on the Up button.

Along with the navigation aids, you will find one or two larger buttons alongside the artwork / photo. Clicking on the one labeled Purchase Now!!! will bring you to the corresponding page on my Fine Art America (FAA) site wherein you will be able to further examine the art, determine the format (luster paper, canvas, etc), size, and frame/Mat you would like it sent to you in and, ultimately purchase it (Visa/Master Card accepted, of course). If you click on the button labeled See it on Flickr you will be brought to the Artwork's corresponding page on my Flickr site. There you can also see larger sizes, look at what sort of response it has gotten from the Flickerites, and/or leave a (hopefully nice) comment. If you click on the large image itself, you will be brought to flickr and offered the opportunity to view a slide show in a new browser tab (so you can find your way back to my site).

Occasionally (quite common for photographs), you will also see at the very bottom a Further Information section with buttons or links leading to other sites which provide additional information, often about the identification of the flower / wildflower / creature in question. The lack of a Purchase Now!!! button means that there isn't currently the option to buy the Artwork via Fine Art America. This can be for any number or reasons (too new, currently on exhibition elsewhere etc) but is often just a case of I haven't uploaded the appropriate version to FAA yet. So send me an e-mail (available in the Footer for every page) and you will likely be able to complete your purchase in a day or two.

So many formats to choose from at FAA? Whadda YOU like?

I sympathize. The short answer is I "grew up" with Epson Luster paper and still have a soft spot for it. My "other" favorite paper, at least for artworks is Somerset Velvet. If you like canvas (I do, for larger sizes), I would suggest the Chromata Matte Canvas.

More Questions added all the time. . .