One of life's great joys is finding the time to sit back and listen to some interesting music. Of course what you and I find interesting or worthwhile may be rather different. I'll start off by letting you know that when it comes to "new" (made in the last 10 years) music, most of what I buy would/could be classified as

I also have a pretty extensive collection, spanning the following genres, obtained over 30+ years of buying / collecting.

Avant Blues Classic Rock Electronica
Glam Krautrock New Wave Post-Rock
Prog 50s R&B Psych60s R&B
Space Rock Surf Reggae World Music
Fusion Latin Jazz Classical

As well as a smattering of more well-known newer bands.

If you want to hear some of the best music currently being made,
the place you need to get to is Aural-Innovations

If you want to know what I think about any particular release, the best thing is to head on over to

For those who don't know, is one of the best sites to get information on what the cognoscenti think about any particular release (at least in the world of Rock. You Pop-meisters may wish to look elsewhere).

As just one example we have the RYM
Top 100 albums of all time list.

OK Computer, Dark Side of the Moon, and the
Velvet Underground debut as 1 to 3?

Could be a LOT Worse.

I also post occasionally at Progressive Ears.

which is also a good resource for information on interesting music. (Though you may not share their enthusiasm for all things Genesis and Yes).

And of course you can check out my newest project, nothing less than the whole history of Rock.

Done up internet style, with links

( No one can accuse me of taking on small insignificant topics, at least. . .)