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Winter 2014

Let's face it. I pretty much use Facebook for most of the Weekly updates and upcoming events. Its just too convenient (especially for a self-taught coder such as myself). So, I suggest that you Wander over there, Like My Page and get in on the odds and ends that I put up there.

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But, of course, Facebook is NOT the only site that I hang out at. So if you HATE facebook (and I am indeed aware that many, including most of you I count as friends & acquaintances don't really use the site), there are Plenty of other sites wherein I occasionally post items that might be of some use.

So herewith, an annotated list. . .


This is the Big Kahuna of my sites. Everything goes there. One reason is that they offer a lot of flexibility for you the viewer. Another reason is they have REALLY good servers, that spit out the jpg files faster than any other place I've ever tried. Hence all the artwork on this site is derived from the flickr server farms. . .

But with over 800 items covering 10+ years of output, it can be overwhelming. To avoid that you might want to concentrate on the Sets Page. This divides the photos and Art into manageable, thematically related chunks.

Fine Art America

This is the shameless commerce section of my on-line world. Everything on the Fine Art America (FAA) site is for sale, and you can buy the large-scale prints that have limited availability (usually six, see About Digital Art for more details). FAA has about 200 items currently, but is rather photo-centric. Over time it may develop into the primary place to see new photos (in as I generate way more than I can update here).

Blurb Books

To this point I have self-published one book covering an overview of my artwork. Go get it, its beautiful, large, and (unfortunately), VERY expensive. Given the minimal quality differences, It is very much to your advantage to use Snapfish for your photo projects in as the frequent coupons & specials do manage to keep your prices down. . .


Wherein I pontificate about various musics that I own. It is a new years resolution of sorts to try and go from 100+ listings to 500+ or so within the near future. That would still be less than 20% of the total number of CDs, LPs, and digital only items that I've acquired over the years. So I have a ways to go


This is an adjunct site that I started in 2013. I joined mostly because, in the world of on-line art, flickr's DNA is mostly straight up photography and Deviantart had a wider and more varied universe of digital art. Unlike FAA, I only upload Artworks to Deviantart. A modest number of my works can be viewed / purchased here. Relative to FAA, it is more of a place to buy posters, and other miscellaneous items for rather less than the higher quality prints on offer at FAA. As such you cannot buy Canvas or other high-end prints at my Deviantart site.


Kind of like a cross between Linked-In and DeviantArt. I joined in 2013, The professional / Job hunting aspects of the site seem to generate a lot of submissions with a polished / Advertising / Second Life look to it. I mostly use Behance to present linked series of work. In the future I intend to highlight the derivation / process associated with the generation of particular artworks. In some respects I'm like the proverbial "fish outta water" there, in as not many Behancers take a similar approach to digital art as yours truly


To get all those photos of the outside world, I do a fair amount of hiking. I am slowly (but surely, I hope) adding more reviews / photos from the hikes I've completed to my AllTrails site.


To get to all those hikes, one has to stay in a lot of out of the way places. I do try to post reviews of a few of the hotels and restaurants I encounter on my travels