Artistic Statement

All Artistic Statements are Pointless.


The only thing that REALLY matters is. . .

Do you like it?

And if you don't. . .

All the Post-Modernist, Anti-Contextual, Hyperbole in the Universe shouldn't actually help make it any more palatable. . .

or as Frank Zappa wrote

"The Ultimate Rule ought to be:
'If it sounds GOOD to you, it's b_tchin';
if it sounds BAD to YOU, it's sh_tty"

from The Real Frank Zappa Book © 1990

which when applied to the visual arts boils down to

Just Look at it!

Which I certainly Encourage you, the visitor, to do.

What About Process?

I take a lot of (digital) photos. A modest number (1 - 6 ) of unrelated individual shots are then merged using Photoshop in such a way as to induce one or more axes of symmetry. The resulting conglomeration of pixels is then transformed mathematically. This adds a rather necessary element of randomness or suprise to the result (I definetly am a follower of Eno in this regard). I then will add any number of additional photos to the transformed starting point to generate a final image that I find pleasing or relevant. I then collapse the whole collection down to a single image file and append my intitals. After which the image is posted on-line for the world to see. After some random length of time, the printability of the image is verified and it is made available for purchase.

But as with all Processes, exceptions do occur. . .

How about Influences??

In reality, there are probably too many to count, but the Big Kahuna would be. . .

Music (!!)

This interest / attraction was noted early and has been life-long. Jazz, Classical, Rock, Psych, Prog, Glam, Art Rock, New Wave, Krautrock, Fusion, Avant, Blues, Roots, Alternative (whatever that means), Middle Eastern, African, Reggae, Post Rock, and Space Rock, I have sampled or dug deep into all of them and found stuff to enjoy.

And for Artists??

I tend to be partial to the life stories of those who started off doing something else and came to it later in life, which puts a bit of a premium on individuals such as

amongst others


I would characterize it as a blend of